Zakimi Castle Ruins | Introduce the Highlights & History

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Okinawa Castles & Ruins

The Zakimi Castle Ruins are located in the central part of Okinawa Main Island, in Yomitan Village.

The Zakimi Castle Ruins were registered as a World Heritage Site in 2000 and are also famous as a tourist destination.

For tourists, it takes about 30-45 minutes to tour the site.

There is also a free parking lot available, making it an easily accessible tourist spot.


Evaluation of Zakimi Castle Ruins

  • Popularity & Fame・・・・5.0
  • Historical Value ・・・・・4.5
  • State of Preservation ・・4.5
  • Tour Facilities・・ ・・・・5.0
  • Scenery & View ・・・・・5.0
  • Rest Areas・・・・・・・・4.0

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Information of Zakimi Castle Ruins

Business HoursOpen 24 hours
ClosedOpen year-round
Required TimeAbout 30-45 minutes
ParkingAvailable (free)
Address708-6 Zakimi, Yomitan Village, Nakagami District, Okinawa Prefecture

The Zakimi Castle Ruins are known as a spot of attraction for their beautiful stone masonry and elegantly curved castle walls.

In 2000, it was registered as a World Heritage Site as one of the “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu.”

Highlights of Zakimi Castle Ruins

Beautiful Stonework of Zakimi Castle Ruins

The beautiful stonework at Zakimi Castle Ruins captivates the eyes of visitors.

The delicate yet powerful stonework embodies the history and craftsmanship of Okinawa.

When strolling around, be sure to appreciate this exquisite stonework.

Arch Stone Gate

The arch stone gate is one of the prominent highlights within the Zakimi Castle Ruins.

Passing through this uniquely shaped gate gives a sensation of time-traveling to a bygone era.

Beautifully Curved Castle Walls

The beauty of the curved castle walls is a major attraction at the Zakimi Castle Ruins.

The elegant curves, along with the wind-swept grass and trees, warmly welcome visitors.

View from the Top

The view from the top of the ruins is so breathtakingly beautiful that it’s hard to put into words.

You can overlook the expansive sea, the green mountains, and the townscape of Yomitan Village.

This is definitely a sight to behold when visiting.

World Heritage Registration in 2000

The Zakimi Castle Ruins were registered in 2000 as part of the “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu” World Heritage Site.

You can fully appreciate its value and historical significance.

Required Time is About 30~45 Minutes

For tourists, it takes about 30~45 minutes to tour the site.

Visiting additional sites like the Zakimi Castle Ruins Yuntanza Museum may take a bit more time.

It’s a spot where you can quickly immerse yourself in Okinawa’s history and culture.

Resting Areas Available

There are numerous resting areas available for those who get tired during their stroll.

It’s a perfect place to relax and feel the history.

Lighting Up of Zakimi Castle Ruins

The Zakimi Castle Ruins are irregularly lit up.

Historically, the lighting often occurs during the Yomitan Festival period (the last weekend of October).

Yuntanza Museum

In the exhibition space on the 1st floor of the Yuntanza Museum, displays focus on the World Heritage Site of Zakimi Castle Ruins and the nature and culture of Yomitan.

Furthermore, on the 2nd floor, there are exhibits related to archaeology, folklore, nature, and the Battle of Okinawa, where visitors can learn detailed information through dioramas of caves and kamekōbaka (turtleback tombs).

  • Museum Opening Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Entrance until 5:30 PM)
  • Wednesdays, Year-end and New Year holidays

Access & Paking information

AccessAbout 60 minutes by car from Naha Airport
Address708-6 Zakimi, Yomitan Village, Nakagami District, Okinawa Prefecture
ParkingAvailable (free)

There are two parking lots, and it is recommended to park in [Parking Lot 1], which is closer to Zakimi Castle Ruins.

For information about the parking lot, please check the following Google Map.

[Parking Lot 1]

[Parking Lot 2]

History of Zakimi Castle Ruins

Zakimi Castle Ruins hold a special place in the history of Okinawa.

Constructed between 1416 and 1422, this castle was built by the powerful local lord Gosamaru during the era of Shō Hashi, the first king of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

It is said that the castle was strategically built for the purpose of monitoring forces opposing the king.

Zakimi Castle Ruins are known for their beautifully curved walls, and their elegance has earned them a spot among Japan’s Top 100 Castles.

The curves of the walls resemble the arch structure of modern dams, indicating the advanced ancient castle-building technology.

The ruins also feature unique architectural elements like the arch stone gate and the use of wedge-shaped stones, showcasing Gosamaru’s exceptional castle-building skills.

It is reported that the construction of Zakimi Castle involved sourcing materials from the nearby Yamada Castle and summoning laborers from the Amami Islands.

The stones were passed by hand and painstakingly stacked, as per the historical accounts.

In 1956, it was designated as an Important Cultural Property, and in 1972, it became a nationally designated historical site.

Furthermore, in 2000, it was registered as part of the “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu” World Heritage Site.

Thus, Zakimi Castle Ruins, with its varied history from the era of wars to the present, have become an indispensable spot in Okinawa tourism.

Visiting Zakimi Castle Ruins allows one to experience the history of Ryukyu, Gosamaru’s castle-building techniques, and the harmony with Okinawa’s nature.


In this article, we introduced the Zakimi Castle Ruins.

This historic site is a tourist spot visited by many tourists every year.

Additionally, as a place with historical value and beautiful scenery, we highly recommend visiting the Zakimi Castle Ruins when touring Okinawa.

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