Kouri Beach | Beautiful beach on Kouri Island, Okinawa

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Nakijin Beaches

Kouri Beach is located on Kouri Island in Nakijin Village, north part of the main island of Okinawa.

Kouri Island is remote island, but it is connected by the Kouri bridge, so you can go there by car.

This beach is a beautiful place with a view of the blue sea, white sand and Kouri Bridge.

It is one of the popular beaches visited by many tourists during the summer, and it is a popular beach where you can relax on the beach, swim in the sea and enjoy water sports.


Evaluation of Kouri Beach

  • Transparency ・・・・・・5.0
  • Beauty of beach・・・・・4.5
  • Rest area ・・・・・・・・4.0
  • Swimming facility ・・・・4.0
  • Refreshing feelings ・・・4.0
  • Feeling nature・・・・・・4.0

Notes: This evaluation is compared with other beaches in Okinawa by Okinawa Bookmark administrator

Information of Kouri Beach

Swimming periodApril-October
9: 00-18: 00
Business hoursNothing
Swimming feeFree
Protective netYes
(Only summer season)
(Only summer season)
Shower roomYes
Official siteNone

Kouri Beach is fully equipped with guards and protective nets, so adults and children can enjoy swimming in the sea.

There are shops and reception desks for marine activities, so it is a recommended beach for those who want to enjoy activities.

[Swimming equipment rental]
・ Floating ring
・ Beach parasol
・ Beach bet
* Rental is available only during the summer swimming period.
[Marine activity]
・ Kouri Island Round Plan
・ Banana boat
・ Marble
· Jet ski
・ Snorkel tour to find clownfish and turtles
・ Pedal sap or paddle sap
・ Jet ski rental

Recommended Points

Pure white and beautiful sandy beach

The sandy beach is great and you will not feel any pain even if you walk barefoot.

During the summer season, the beach is full of tourists enjoying under the umbrellas and swimming in the beach.

Highly transparent sea

At the time of the above image, the weather was a little bad, so it doesn’t look so beautiful, but when I actually go there, it’s very beautiful.

It looks like this on a sunny day.

Abundant marine activities

Near Kouri Beach, there is COCONUTS CLUB, which operates marine sports on Kouri Island.

You can enjoy the activities introduced below, so please make a reservation on the web or locally and enjoy the activities.

[Marine activity]
・ Kouri Island Round Plan
・ Banana boat
・ Marble
· Jet ski
・ Snorkel tour to find clownfish and turtles
・ Pedal sap or paddle sap
・ Jet ski rental

The view from Kouri bridge is beautiful

The scenery from Kouri bridge is a very healing point with beautiful blue seas on the left and right.

IIt’s so beautiful.

Shower and restroom are available

Shower room is available for a fee.

There are restroom next to shower room.

There are shops

There are restaurants and souvenir shops, and you can also buy beach sandals and floats at Kouri-fureai-hiroba.

Access Information

AccessAbout 100 minutes by car from Naha Airport
AddresKouri, Nakijin, Kunigami District, Okinawa
ParkingYes (Free)

There are two parking lots, and there is a space that can park about 100 cars in total.

The image above is the parking lot on the Kouri beach side.

The image above is the parking lot on the Kouri-Fureai-Hiroba side.

Information around Kouri Beach

Tine Beach

Tine beach is also located in Kouri Island.

It is a famous tourist destination, such as a heart-shaped rock called Heart Rock.
Especially couples and parent and child visit there.

Recommended Marine Activities in Kouri Island

Kouri Island offers a wide variety of marine activities.

These include snorkeling tours, circumnavigation tours, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), and jet skiing.

If you are interested in experiencing marine activities on Kouri Island, please check out the available options.


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The room is spacious and clean and stylish.

Kouri Beach is within a 10-minute walk, so if you want to stay with Kouri Island, why not stay at One Suite THE TERRACE?


This time, we introduced the Kouri Beach.

Kouri Beach is a tourist destination visited by many tourists every year, and there are plenty of rentals and activities, so it is a place where children and adults can enjoy themselves.

There are many sightseeing spots at Kouri Island such as Kouri Beach, Tine Beach, and Kouri Bridge.

When you go to Kouri Beach, please visit the other places.

Thank you for reading until the end.