Naminoue Beach | Beautiful Beach in Okinawa, Naha City

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Naha Beaches

Naminoue Beach is located in Naha City, in the Southern part of the main island of Okinawa.

Although it is an artificial beach, it is a very attractive beach with beautiful white sand, blue sea, and well-maintained facilities.

This beach is the only sandy beach in Naha and is loved by tourists and locals.

The beach is fully equipped with showers and restrooms, and you can enjoy many marine activities such as diving, snorkeling, and SUP.


Evaluation of Naminoue Beach

  • Transparency ・・・・・・4.2
  • Beauty of beach・・・・・4.3
  • Rest area ・・・・・・・・4.5
  • Swimming facility ・・・・4.0
  • Refreshing feelings ・・・3.5
  • Feeling nature・・・・・・3.5

Notes: This evaluation is compared with other beaches in Okinawa by Okinawa Bookmark administrator

Information of Naminoue Beach

Swimming periodApril-June 9: 00-18: 00
July-August 9: 00-19: 00
September-October 9: 00-18: 00
*Time may change depending on the weather
Business hoursNothing
Swimming feeFree
Protective netYes
Shower roomYes
Official site

Naminoue Beach’s facility is fully equipped with lifeguards and protection nets, so adults and children can enjoy swimming in the sea.

There are plenty of marine activities and you can also have a barbecue.

[Marine activity]
・ Experience diving & snorkeling
・ SUP & SUP yoga
* Please check the URL below for details such as fees.
マリンアクティビティについて | 波の上うみそら公園 波の上ビーチ
[BBQ (barbecue)]
・ There are multiple businesses for barbecue, so please choose the BBQ that suits you.
* Please check the URL below for details.
BBQ | 波の上うみそら公園 波の上ビーチ

Recommended Points

Crystal clear sea

There is Naminoue Beach in an urban city Naha, but it is a very clear sea.

There is a beach below the bridge, which resembles an artificial beach, but it is very beautiful.

White and beautiful sandy beach

Beautiful white sand beach is mellow.
No pain when you walk barefoot.

The sandy beach was wide, and some people were sunbathing or playing at the sandy beach.

Maintained Facilities

There are benches overlooking the beach, so many people sit and look at the beautiful beach.

Naminoue Beach’sfacilities are fully equipped with restrooms and showers.
Showers and coin lockers are available for a fee.

There are swings and horizontal bars.

There are many rest areas

There are beanches in the rest area.
The tree is planted in the center of the bench and the shade is very nice.


On Naminoue Beach, there is a signboard with some instructions, so please obey them.

Access Information

AccessAbout 10 minutes by car from Naha Airport
Address1-25-9 Wakasa, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
Water SportsYes
ParkingYes (Paid Parking)

There is Wakasa Kaihin Park parking lot near Naminoue Beach.
You can park your car there and go to Naminoue Beach.

Area Information around Naminoue Beach


This is a hotel where you can enjoy the ocean view, and you can spend a luxurious time with plenty of pools and hot springs so that you can get rid of the tiredness of the day.

There is also a restaurant and lounge, so you can enjoy the night view of Naha while drinking alcohol.

You can reach Naminoue Beach in about 3 minutes on foot from the hotel.

T’s style coffee

This coffee shop is like Starbucks, and it is a place where you can talk slowly with your lover, friends and family.

They sell Okinawan zenzai, so I personally recommend zenzai.


Kokusai-dori is a famous shopping street in Naha city.

There are about 600 shops and offices on Kokusai-dori, and it is a place where tourists need services such as department stores, restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels.

It takes about 10 minutes by car from Naminoue Beach to Kokusai-dori.


This time, we introduced Naminoue Beach.

Although it is an artificial beach, it is a very attractive beach with beautiful white sand, blue sea and well-maintained facilities.

It is a place where you can enjoy marine activities such as diving, snorkeling, and SUP.

I think it’s rare to find such a beautiful beach in the city, so
Please visit “Naminoue Beach”.

Thank you for reading until the end.