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Onna Beaches

Nakadomari Beach is located in Onna village in the Northern part of the main island of Okinawa.

The feature of this beach is a beach with a total length of about 600m and a highly transparent sea.

Near Nakadomari Beach, there is “Onna no Eki” where you can find Okinawan vegetables and fruits, and “Cape Maeda” which is famous as a tourist destination.

Nakadomari Beach is not a place where tourists come, so it feels like the locals are walking around the beach.

It is a natural beach with few swimming facilities.


Evaluation of Nakadomari Beach

  • Transparency ・・・・・・4.0
  • Beauty of beach・・・・・3.5
  • Rest area ・・・・・・・・2.0
  • Swimming facility ・・・・1.0
  • Refreshing feelings ・・・4.0
  • Feeling nature・・・・・・4.5

Notes: This evaluation is compared with other beaches in Okinawa by Okinawa Bookmark administrator

Information of Nakadomari Beach

Swimming periodNothing
Business hoursNothing
Swimming feeFree
Protective netNo
Shower roomNo
Swimming Equipment RentalNothing
Official siteNothing

Nakadomari Beach is an unmanaged natural beach, so there are no swimming facilities.

Locals may take a walk or local families may be playing on the beach in the summer.

It is a beach that is rarely visited by tourists, so it is recommended for those who want to relax on the sandy beach.

A beautiful sandy beach that lasts about 600m

The long beach is very beautiful.

Since it is not managed on a natural beach, seaweed is washed up on the sandy beach and looks black, but it is a good point of a natural beach.

The transparency of the sea is high

There are moss on the stones, and there are some parts that are difficult to see in the image, but the sea is very transparent and beautiful.

The jetty is beautiful

There are many jetties in Okinawan beaches.

You can walk to the end of the jetty and the scenery from there is beautiful.

There is a beach near the main street

Nakadomari Beach is on the left side of the image above.

Access Information

AccessAbout 75 minutes by car from Naha Airport
Address87-2 Nakadomari, Onna village, Okinawa
ParkingYes (Free)

There is a parking lot on the street where you can park about 5 cars.
It feels like there is space on the street, not a private parking lot on the Nakadomari beach.

Information around Nakadomari Beach

Onna no Eki Nakayukui Market

At Onna no Eki, there is a “Nakayukui Market” where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits from Okinawa.

There are also restaurants and food stalls, and it is a place where many people from locals to tourists gather.

We recommend eating lunch at the stalls at Onna no Eki.

Cape Maeda

The Cape Maeda is the place where the famous “Blue Cave” is located for diving and snorkeling.

The Blue Cave is where you snorkel and dive, so it’s a good idea to make a reservation in advance.

It takes 5 minitus from Nakadomari Beach to Cape Maeda bay car.


This time, we introduced Nakadomari Beach.

Nakadomari Beach is an attractive beach with a sandy beach that stretches for about 600m and a highly transparent sea.

It’s not a place where tourists come, so it feels like the locals are walking around the beach.

It is a recommended beach as a place to relax on the sandy beach of the natural beach.

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